Resolution: Balance

I am a little late on the resolution front, but I have had one rolling around in my head since after Christmas and I have been taking time to formulate it.

I am now officially halfway through this insane experience called law school and it is a doozy. I can go from feeling like I! can! do! this! to wanting to crawl into a hole and die in the same day, hour, minute, what have you.  And for the last year and a half this rollercoaster has been my life.  With bits of fun and family and friends on the side.

My New Years resolution is to find balance.  Balance between law school and the rest of my life.  I tend to get bogged down in the nitty gritty of school and forget that at the end of all of this life will go on.  I will either become a lawyer or I won’t and I need to still have the rest of my life intact either way the chips fall.

I need to find balance to keep myself sane.  Permitting myself to have tunnel vision when it comes to law school leads to far too many close calls when it comes to panicking about the future.  I need to blink and see that there is more than studying and memorizing and climbing the never-ending ladder of internships.

Law school is a huge part of my life right now and necessarily my focus.  But that doesn’t mean that the rest of my life has ceased to exist.  I need to focus my energies on law school without letting my life be law school.

What does this look like?  It is letting myself enjoy what is happening in the moment.  It is not fretting that whatever I am doing at the time should be studying.  It is spending time with my family on the weekends.  It is becoming more involved in my church.  It is giving myself an hour once a week to actually be present in Bible Study.

Over the holidays I was reminded of all that I have – all that I love outside of law school.

With all this in my life – I can’t afford to have let law school become my reason for being.  So here’s to 2012, a year of balance.

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