In just a few weeks these two kiddos here will hit FOUR years of marriage.

I am 25 years old.  I have been married for four years. No, I am not mormon.  Though, maybe that would be cool? No idea.  But I get comments regularly on the fact that I am married and relatively young.  First, surprise that I am married.  Second, surprise that I am no longer a “newlywed.”  Not sure when that title gets taken from you, but at 4 years, I feel pretty settled in this marriage.  I think I will stick with it.  While I am usually good natured about people being surprised that I am married sometimes it bums me out. A few months ago I was asked if I regret getting married so young…. so… that was fun.  My response was, “Definitely not.” because I was in a very civilized setting.  Had I not been, it might have been a swift kick in the ass.
For our anniversary we are knocking off number #30 on my 40 Before 30 List – Spa treatments at an actual spa.  Rob has been surprisingly enthusiastic about this. Massage!  Manicure!  Facial!  Yes!  Usually we wouldn’t spend the money on this, but thanks to Groupon we got it two for one.  Woop!
So. Marriage.  Yep.  I am a fan.  I am also a big fan of Rob.  I listened to a very wise woman discuss marriage last week and it was the the highlight of my month.  I have been following Meg since… forever it feels.  Probably December 2007?  I am so proud to be part of the community that she has created of smart, funny women.
Meg spoke last weekend about marriage being a choice every day.  Sometimes it feels like every DAMN day but mostly it is loveliness wrapped in cotton candy.  Except I can’t really eat sugar.  So loveliness wrapped in… chicken.  TOFUGGETS!  Sorry.  Tangent.
Yes, marriage is hard work.  But so is life.  And every morning I choose to live this life alongside Rob.
I am grateful for him and the little life we are creating together.

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