Organized Chaos

This has been my life the past few days.  I have started my final year of law school and have been running in a dozen different directions.  But for now, I have a story for you.

I have been bothering the hell out of my dad for the past… year?? to help me network for jobs for post graduation.  Being cut from the same cloth as I am, he has been on it like white on rice, but somehow… things all appear to be happening RIGHT NOW.  Like RIGHT NOW.  As in, I am freaking out RIGHT NOW.  So yesterday I emailed him a long list of my intentions and goals with regard to job hunting.  Including places that I am considering applying, places that I have applied, etc.  I also pretended to have a really bad Russian accent for half of the e-mail.  Zis iz ze plan! Yep. I am awesome. I know it.  I also used the term “womp womp” and included how my day was going.  So.  If you hadn’t guessed it – this was a personal email.  PERSONAL! OKAY?!

So dad just forwards it on to a woman I have been trying to meet with for the past three months.  And bada-bing I have a meeting with her.  What the what?! No, but seriously. WHAT?

I did what I do, cancelled my plans and ran to the meeting like a crazy woman.  And then we talked about her hair and my dad and the fact that I had left my blazer elsewhere.  Whoops.  But we also talked about my job experience and what I am looking to achieve and my career goals.  I mean, there was no hiding the ball with her, she already knew my game plan.  I liked her.  She liked me.  I think I start tomorrow? She isn’t the greatest at responding to e-mails.  So I said, here are my details, see you Thursday.  Love, Jen!

What the what?


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