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What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is more than one part of the Bar.  There is small sneaky part that you are really supposed to get out of the way before you graduate.  It is called the MPRE – or – the ethics exam.  It’s a two-hour exam on ethics.  And I failed it.  Well, that is slightly dramatic, I didn’t fail it.  California requires the highest score of any state.  I didn’t get high enough for California.  I got high enough for plenty of other states.  Great.  I will just move then!

The thing is, I could have easily passed the exam.  It is not complicated or even that hard.  But everyone told me, it isn’t hard, don’t bother studying.  So I didn’t.  I mean, I did briefly, but I didn’t study the way I usually would for an exam.  I forgot for a moment that exams don’t come easily to me and that it hasn’t been since sophomore year of college that I have aced anything without a ton of effort.  And I paid the price.  I have to take the test again in November.  And for a moment I became completely unhinged because I really don’t have time to take another exam.  I need to meet with a professor about a paper.  10 minute meeting.  I don’t have time until next Tuesday.  NEXT TUESDAY.

I realize that my blog posts have become rehashes about the insanity I am currently living.  But it is my insanity.  I started this blog post on Thursday.  It is Sunday.

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