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I have been emailing back and forth with a very wise friend of mine who took and passed the Bar last year.  She has been giving me advice on how to cope and manage with the stress and what life will look like while I am studying and while I am waiting for results.

One of the things that she recommended was reading blogs and websites about the process. Just to familiarize myself with it and to feel like I have some place solid to stand.  She also gave me a delightful list of places to start. And I thought, I cannot wait to read this.  People who have been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale.  Yes, please.

So, in an effort to save my sanity, and thank all those who have come before, I am going to pay it forward, and do the same here.  Document my process. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Maybe, one day, I will be just as helpful as I have found these bloggers who have survived this insanity.

Here goes nothing.  If you are not prepping for the Bar (likely) feel free to follow along for my excellent wit and self-deprecating humor. Ha!

Thus far, I have done many, many things in preparation.  I have turned in my moral character application.  Did it wrong the first time around. Yes.  $500. Fun.

I have paid to take the Bar.  $750ish. Thanks California. I have booked my hotel room.  $450.  Apparently one does not DRIVE to the Bar.  Don’t be silly.

I have paid my deposit for my Bar Prep course.  $6500. If you are deciding whether or not you need to take a Bar prep course, you probably do.  If you live in California, you definitely do.  It is one of the hardest Bars in the country.  Don’t screw it up because you are cheap.  You’ve already sunk a ton of money into this.  Finish it right.  Most companies range between $2500 and $3500.

As for companies, while I am laying it all out on the mat, I have a lower GPA.  I am concerned about my passing abilities.  I wanted more personal focus.  I wanted someone that would get me through this. So I didn’t go for one of the big companies like Barbri or Kaplan.  I went through a smaller local company that really focuses on each student.  And, they will kill you if you don’t pass. I basically am handing myself over to a drill sergeant. Go me. My program is longer than most programs and starts on the weekends in March and continues to the first week of July.

And lastly. I still need to pass the fucking MPRE (multi-state ethics exam).  I am going in for round three in April.  Yes. I failed the MPRE twice.  More on that later.  What everyone seems to agree is that I am TOO ethical.  I need to lower my standards.  I am becoming a lawyer, not a priest.

How am I feeling? Right now, kind of shitty. Mainly because I am so busy.  Everyone says that 3L is supposed to bore you to death and that it is so mellow. NOPE! I work three days a week and go to class three days a week.  The downturn in the economy has made it more common for law students to work internships throughout their entire time at law school and that is exactly what I am doing.  This means I have an okay class load and a demanding job.  And I am prepping for the Bar.  And the MPRE.   So, I keep saying to people, I am ready for the Bar because it means I can focus on  just. one. thing.  I would like that, for a little while.

I have midterms and papers and depositions.  My desk at work and my desk at home are overflowing with crap that needs to be handled. And none of it gets done half the time.  Because I am awesome.  I sift through the piles to figure out what is due when and slowly scrape the surface.

Most of the time.  I feel like this.

why-so-shocked-cat I look like this pretty regularly too.


Image from Cat & Cat


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