18 weeks

18 weeks is a big deal for me. It’s halfway. I was spot on with my prediction last week, first you worry about miscarriage, then genetic testing, then labor.  And that is what started.  My OB is the one that will be delivering and we started the delivery convo at my appointment last Wednesday.  I love my OB maybe a little too much, but he tends to only remember the really important details. Every time I go to an appointment alone he asks if I am married, divorced, or single.  He has met Rob about six times. And Rob is pretty memorable, at least in this country. So.. there’s that. Because of this we tend to have the same conversation multiple times. Last week we started discussing the 36 week mark and he told me that 36 weeks is about the best he hopes for.  He has told me this twice before, but this time I was ready with questions and we were able to have the full labor and delivery conversation.

Pre-term labor is one of the number one risks associated with carrying multiples.  Going into labor early runs the gamut of not that big of a deal, to holy shit, let’s sew this woman shut and put her on bed rest. Anything before 25 weeks really is the latter.  I have had no signs or symptoms of pre-term labor but I am grateful for all of the monitoring so if something starts to happen, we know and can take appropriate action. So OB and I discussed what actions to take should I go to into labor early.  Bed rest, drugs, more drugs, hospital stay, possibly sewing me shut. Yes, that’s a real thing. Try not to think about it.

The other topic of conversation was C-section vs. vaginal. OB forgot that we had already discussed the likelihood that I will need a C-section, but it was good to cover it again.  Most women I know are like, vaginal birth for the win! Because of my situation I am 100% pro C-section. After further discussing it with my OB, I am 1598343% pro C-section. For one, he spent 5 minutes trying to convince me that a C-section was a better idea. After I said, yes, we already agreed on this, he was visibly relieved.  Baby A usually is just fine vaginally, but Baby B has a bit more difficulty. There’s a high chance she’d have to come out feet first and a possibility she’d be deprived of oxygen. Further, OB told me that the uterus collapses on Baby B after Baby A is out. Good luck, Baby B! I plainly said to him, So there is a higher likelihood of complications and difficulties for the babies if they are delivered vaginally? Correct. C-Section it is. The end.

We covered that Rob can be in the room and that I can expect to stay between two to four days. We also covered the classes that I was considering.  My super chill OB recommended all of them. So guess who’s taking all of them? Who’s ready to learn not to let cats babysit?! This girl!!

Week 18 means I have traded in nausea for something called round ligament pain. This is a fancy term for it is now considered totally normal for me to feel like I am being stabbed in the lower abdomen. I have been assured that it is not hurting the babies. It is no big deal that sometimes I yelp in pain if I move to quickly.  So I am going to not worry about it. Yeah.. right.



IMG_8100This is what happens when you get a phone call in the middle of your shoot.

IMG_8102Your photographer gets bored and starts taking selfies.


IMG_8105Oooh babies…

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