25 weeks

25 weeks and my get up and go is… gone. I am so tired. And so.. large. However, the tiredness could be due to the fact that I went to Yosemite this weekend. I went on a “hike” and didn’t sleep well in a different bed. I also got covered in mosquito bites. More on our trip in my Thursday post.

This week I finish my child development class and I have three weeks of nothing, unless you count doctor appointments. I am hoping to finally get to my local pool at the YMCA and just spend some time doing laps. Really slow laps. It is nearly August and the heat has been cranked up. Floating in a pool sounds amazing.

Last week I had a specialist appointment to check my cervix and fluids. Everything is still looking good. The girls were flipping around, being crazy, as usual. What I didn’t like about my appointment last week was I only saw a nurse. I was not pleased. It was the first time I actually had a list of questions regarding different high risk stuff. The girls are now entering the time where they are more closely monitored for TTTS and any other growth problems. As I get larger and larger, my perinatologist feels further and further away.  It is about an hour away, maybe 45 minutes without traffic. As awesome as my insurance is, the local perinatologists don’t accept it. It is a whole mess of red tape, but briefly, the hospital I am delivering at contracts out their perinatologists from a different hospital that doesn’t take my insurance. Cool.

Going into the third trimester, I start having more tests. I have non-stress tests, which I believe will go through my OB, but I need to check. Those are twice a week though, so if I have to do them via my specialist, driving an hour is not going to be an option. Rob is going to go with me to my next perinatologist appointment and we are going to decide from there if we should try to switch (or if that is even an option). I would ask my lovely OB about all of this, but the change in the perinatologist system at my local hospital is recent, so all of the perinatologists he usually works with aren’t an option for me. Further, since my perinatologist has never worked with my OB before the reports only get to my OB some of the time… This has been a problem since the beginning but my OB is so chill about it and there have been no complications that it hasn’t worried me. Getting closer to labor has flipped the switch.

I am giving myself major bonus points for being chill about this. I had the appointment last Thursday and am not making any decisions until I see him again next week. As the girls are looking fine right now, there is no need for me to freak out. Plus, I just don’t have the energy for a full blown meltdown. There we go, I have discovered the benefit to being exhausted, it keeps me calm. Ha.

Onto bump watch, week 25.

IMG_7968I feel like I look so squinty with no makeup on.


IMG_7974I can’t believe I have three months more for this bump to get bigger. E & O are going to at least double in size! My poor skin.

jen pic 2And for comparison, 25 weeks and 11 weeks.

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