33 weeks

I fought so hard to get to 33 weeks. The past several days have been an uphill battle every step of the way. I’m glad to be here.

On Tuesday I went in for an non-stress test, which they really need to change the name of. They stress me out to no end because half the time I end up being admitted because of one thing or another. Tuesday the babies looked fine, but I started having back to back contractions. Off to L&D I went.

My OB decided it was time to give me steroids for the girls’ lungs. He wanted to hold off on this, because it can lose it’s effectiveness over time, but I guess we are there now. So a shot to the arm to stop the contractions and a shot to the hip to develop the their lungs. Eventually the contractions stopped and I went home mid-afternoon. I slept for hours – the shots to stop the contractions make my heart race and make me jittery – it really takes it out of me.

I woke up for dinner and there were the contractions again. Back to back, getting more and more painful. We had a quick discussion as to who was going to take me to the hospital. Rob was supposed to leave for his sister’s wedding the next day and was in the middle of packing. We decided mom would take me. I called my OB and it was the on-call doctor again. I have an irrational hatred for the on-call doctor even though I am sure he is a very nice man.

Back to L&D and more shots for contractions. The contractions were coming so quick and strong I thought we’d be meeting E & O that night. The shots stopped them again, but I was fed up. I can become a very demanding patient when I am irritated. All I wanted was a a cervical exam. With having to stop contractions so many times in a row, I wanted to know if I was progressing or if it was false labor. I had three nurses attempt to tell me this was a bad idea and one say.. well, I guess I can wake up the on call doctor. I tried to stick to my guns but without my OB to check with I decided to wait until morning.

I was hooked up to so many monitors and fluids that I didn’t sleep all night. I finally lost my cool at 6:00 a.m. and called Rob sobbing. Luckily it only took a bagel and him coming to the hospital for me to get it together. At this point we really didn’t know if Rob would be leaving that evening for England. Rob’s mum wisely decided to keep this from his sister.

Rob called my OB and they had a long conversation about the previous night and where we go from here. Finally we had a plan: 1) cervix check 2) steroids 3) ultrasound 4) home! OB also told Rob that even if I continued to go into labor the earliest they’d let me deliver was this coming Tuesday. There were several more ways to stop labor before giving up. So Rob was going to England and E & O were staying put. Hell yes.

  1. Cervix check. 2 cm dilated, 80% effaced. Not great, but definitely still possible to go several weeks.
  2. Steroids. Check. Girls’ lungs should be good to go.
  3. Ultrasound. Everyone looking good. Plenty of fluid. E is about 3 lb 7 oz and O is 4 lbs 3 oz! Yay!! All that bacon has paid off.
  4. Home. Well…

So my perinatologist popped in at the end of my ultrasound and said she wanted to admit me for good. And then I died. I begged to not be admitted. I hadn’t slept since the day before. Did you know hospital beds move of their own accord now? Seeing me practically lose my mind at the idea of being admitted she decided she’d let me leave after more drugs and another cervix check. I was ready to just ignore her and do what my OB said. Because I am a lovely person. As far as I was concerned, they could have a fight to the death over whose orders I was supposed to follow.

I went back to my room and had to wait until 4:00 p.m. until my next set of drugs and my next cervix check. They decided to let me off the monitors, hallelujah. I was hot from the drugs they gave me so I fell asleep on top of the blankets, in a hospital gown, with no underwear. I woke up, drooling, with my OB and his nurse standing over me. Win! Anyway, my OB and my perinatologist had a pow wow and agreed that I could go home given that my cervix hadn’t changed. He then tried to talk to me about baseball because he knows I have no idea what he’s talking about and enjoys confusing me.

I was sent home at 4:00 p.m. with no changes. I am now on a regular prescription of drugs to stop me from going into labor. They make my heart race and my face flush and are just a whole pile of fun. Rob left for England and I am on even stricter bed rest. Bathroom, shower, couch, bed. To be honest, after spending a night in the hospital, bed rest is a breeze. No one is poking or prodding me. I am so ungainly now that movement of any sort is pretty difficult. I have gone from taking it a week at a time to a day at a time.

Today? No contractions.

Bump watch, week 33.






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