31 weeks

Last night was another night in L&D. I started having contractions at 8:30 p.m. I called my OB at 10:00 p.m. Unfortunately it was the on-call doctor, not my OB. Boo. He sent me straight to the hospital. I was not comfortable knowing that the orders wouldn’t be coming from my regular OB, but at this point, freaking out about anything is pretty much beyond my energy level.

I was having contractions in my back that spread around to my stomach that were pretty painful.  This was new for me. Usually my contractions are just irritating. These were stopping me in my tracks. I got to L&D and was hooked up to all the monitors. The girls were fine and awake (punks). My nurse was not friendly. Between her and the on-call doctor I was ready to go home and deal with it in the morning. The nurse couldn’t get my contractions to appear on the monitor so she told me they weren’t actually happening. And then I cold cocked her.

Eventually they got my contractions to show up and they were painful and every eight minutes. On-call doctor decided to give me a shot to stop the contractions. It stopped them, but not completely. However, I was so irritated with my nurse and the on-call that I was like, yep, no more contractions. Let’s peace out. They gave me a pill that was supposed to prevent contractions for another 8 hours and I scooted out the door with Rob. We bought tacos on the way home.

The main reason for my irritation was that the on-call doctor was hesitant to do anything. He just wanted to stall me until the morning. No cervix check, no FFN. That and my nurse attempting to tell me my exceptionally painful contractions weren’t happening made me realize that I just needed to wait to talk to my OB in the morning. Yes, I was an unreasonably pissed pregnant woman. grumble grumble grumble.

Called OB this morning and just got back from an appointment with him. Cervix check, FFN, etc. So my cervix is soft, floating, and closed. Soft = bad, closed and floating = good. I feel like by the end of this pregnancy I am going to have spent more time discussing my cervix than is socially acceptable.  Then again, I feel like the amount of cervix discussion that is socially acceptable is minimal. I have already flown past it, might as well keep going. What freaked me out was that Mr. OB can feel E’s head right on the other side. My first thought was, no you can’t, because that’s really weird. 

OB put me on meds to take whenever I am experiencing contractions. He didn’t want to use these until it was absolutely necessary. So I guess it is necessary. We discussed steroids for the babies lungs and he doesn’t think it is time yet. They are only effective for 8 days so I am hoping that means he thinks I will make it at least another 8 days. However, when I asked if he was going on vacation anytime soon he said he was canceling a trip to Arizona this weekend because of me. I think he was joking? I hope.

E & O are coconuts this week, knocking around in there. Their movements and kicks have gone from fun and cute to OMG you are hurting me! I usually attribute the movement on the right to E and she loves to do something weird where she makes my whole stomach lopsided, sticking out way further on her side. It feels delightful. However, kicks and movement that are getting stronger means babies are bigger, so I really try to take it in stride.

On top of my increasingly regular visits to L&D, my life has become a blur of NSTs and fluid checks. As of Friday both girls had plenty of amniotic fluid and were both still head down. E is so far down that they can’t even get a visual on my cervix from an abdominal ultrasound. Thanks E, I am excited to meet you too, but wait a bit longer. As thankful as I am for the continuous testing, it is exhausting. The girls continue to attempt to sleep through their testing. I refuse to feel bad about having to use the baby alarm on them.

I am exhausted and uncomfortable. I can only sleep on my side at this point but it kills my hips. So, I sleep on one side for two hours, wake up to pee, switch sides, then do it again. All of my sleep comes in two hour increments or less. Preparing me for newborns? Heartburn has arrived on the scene and it is a treat. My feet and hands have started swelling, but it definitely isn’t as bad as some women I’ve seen. I do feel like I have Shrek feet on particularly hot days though. I am up to 25 lbs of weight gain, which I feel is respectable. However, I haven’t gained any weight in almost a month. Believe me, it’s not for lack of trying. I have become a hobbit. Two breakfasts, two lunches, dinner, dessert. Maybe a second dessert.

Onto bump watch, week 31.

IMG_8238My grandma came to visit, so I did my hair. But did not put on shoes. Please.



IMG_8249What is slinking around the corner?

IMG_8250Who is that?

IMG_8251Oh it’s Shadow. Our dryer cat.


IMG_8255Our shoot took a turn for the silly.

IMG_8256Dryer Cat made an appearance.

IMG_8258He LOVED it.

IMG_8265Then mom joined us.

IMG_8271And then dad won by out creeping all of us.

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