Evelyn & Olivia, Week Two

This week has been rough. Awesome, but rough.

Olivia, the bigger of the girls, came home on Monday. It has been overwhelming but completely amazing to have one of them home. We found out last Saturday that Olivia would be coming home, but that Evelyn was definitely not ready.

There are several factors that go into determining a baby’s readiness to leave the NICU, but for my girls, the main factors were eating, maintaining temperature, and gaining weight.

Olivia finally mastered eating last weekend. It is a struggle at first. You are attempting to feed someone who doesn’t really understand how to eat. Olivia started eating with ease last weekend, but Evelyn still wasn’t so sure about the process. She struggled with keeping her tongue up on the roof of her mouth and being exhausted after trying to eat pretty inefficiently. Because of this, the nurses often tube fed her so she didn’t waste her energy struggling. However, in the past two to three days, Evelyn has also figured it out. She is eating with far less effort and finishing her bottles on a regular basis. We are thinking she will be home early next week, given that she doesn’t hit any bumps along the way.

Both girls reached their birth weight by the two week mark, which is the standard expectation for newborns. However, that means that Evelyn is 4 lbs 1 oz and Olivia is 4 lbs 14 oz. My tinier one definitely needs some extra care. Both girls have proven capable of keeping their temps up.

Olivia had her first pediatrician appointment today. She is in the 1% of everything but is gaining on track and doing well. We like our pediatrician and she did a very thorough exam which I appreciated.

Having the girls be separate is about as hard as you would expect. They haven’t actually been able to interact with each other since they were born. Further, I am having to split my time between home and the NICU which is exhausting and emotionally overwhelming. I never even considered that the girls wouldn’t be ready at the same time, but given their weight disparity, it isn’t that surprising. Rob and I are very fortunate that we are capable of continuing to see Evelyn twice a day while leaving Olivia home with my parents. Many parents don’t have that option. I hate the thought of Evelyn being there all alone, it feels different with Olivia home. I felt like at least they had each other before.  I hate leaving while she is still awake, but I  want to get home to get back to Olivia… uuugh.

Hopefully only three to four more days of this. Onto what is important. New pics of our teeny girls.

IMG_0260Last day together!


IMG_2719She’s getting cheeks!

IMG_2687Yay! Food!

IMG_0282Go baby girl, go!

IMG_2736The NICU is getting boring Mom, let’s bounce.


IMG_2660We are hitting the road!

IMG_2675This place is much more colorful than the NICU.

IMG_2677Mom and Dad’s bed, huzzah!


IMG_2697Baths are highly questionable.


IMG_2673All of our cats find Olivia completely terrifying. They run when she makes noise. She’s very dangerous.

Housekeeping: I will be doing one post a week, instead of two, for the next little bit. Hope everyone is okay with this plan..

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