Evelyn & Olivia, Week One

Tomorrow my teeny babies will be a week old. I don’t know how I can begin to describe what getting to know them has been like.

Evelyn is currently smaller than Olivia but she’s ferocious. She nurses with extreme enthusiasm for such a little body. She is easily distracted from eating though, which makes it difficult to get enough calories in her. She loves to look around when she is out of her bassinet, it makes me think that being in there must be boring for her.

IMG_2531Here she is, volunteering to be fed first.

IMG_2487This is the face she makes while you are trying to feed her. She wants to see everything.

IMG_2489Yeah, this is a lot of boob. I don’t care. It’s my current favorite.


IMG_2557Her nurse had just dressed her in a hat and mittens. It went well.

Olivia was initially more fussy than Evelyn, but now that she is on a feeding schedule she doesn’t want to be woken up. Wake her up when it is time to eat and not before! She is faster at taking a bottle and getting all of her food down.


IMG_2594I am going to sleep through my feeding, that’s cool, right?

IMG_2597How about if I sleep through being burped?


IMG_2500High fives for everyone!

Currently, the only real way to tell them apart is their cheeks. Because Olivia weighs that little bit more, she has newborn cheeks that are filling out. Evelyn is a little behind in the cheek department. Other than that, they look pretty identical. They both have large eyes and their dad’s hairline.

IMG_2515Hello, ladies.

One week postpartum feels like a different world. For one, as I said in my first post, c-sections are no joke. Ow oh dear God, ow. I never really stopped to consider that even if you have a c-section you will bleed after birth. Thinking about it now, that clearly makes sense. But that doesn’t mean it is fun to have an incision healing and be wearing pads that are larger than your babies’ diapers (for real, yo).

On top of the blood, because that isn’t enough, is the milk. I am crazy sauce grateful that my milk has come in with no issue. I tried to mentally prepare to be unable to nurse, but let’s not lie, I would have lost my shit. So, the fact that I have no issues thus far is a huge blessing. However, I am freaking covered in milk. All over. I leak, I drip, I spill. I am still learning what to wear. The answer is.. nothing that can’t be covered in milk.

Baby blues are real. I feel all of the feels. Ever wondered what it was like to ugly cry in a Taco Bell? Have a baby. I was crying because Evelyn was awake when we left the NICU and I didn’t want her to feel abandoned. My anxiety levels are higher, I feel sadness more keenly, I miss Rob and the girls even when I am near them. However, I am currently feeling joy abundantly. You win some, you lose some. Rob isn’t taking off work until the girls come home from the NICU and visiting the girls without him is hard.

Doesn’t he want to sit with me and cry about how beautiful our babies are?

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