Evelyn & Olivia, Week Four

Then, in a blink of an eye, the girls were a month old. They have both now had multiple appointments to the pediatrician and hit some important milestones. They celebrated being home together by getting their first cold. As colds go, they were relatively minor, but worrying about teeny tiny lungs and stuffed up noses is enough to give a new mom a panic attack. Evelyn is also having some pretty run of the mill tummy problems, but let’s not underestimate new parent neuroses. Evelyn, as of Friday, is 5 lbs 2 oz. Olivia is 5 lbs 7 oz. They both are in this irritating space where newborn clothes are too big and preemie clothes are too small. Naked babies it is!

Last night Evelyn she got super irritated with me while I was talking to my mom. She kept fidgeting and I realized it was because she couldn’t turn her head and she wanted to see me! She could hear my voice but she couldn’t see my face. When I finally turned her and she just stared at me.. I nearly died. They are both starting to be able to focus their eyes on faces and.. gahh.. it is enough to melt you into a puddle of tears.

They are both starting to eat more and it is stressful to try to keep up. They both take about 3 oz at a feed and I pump about 5 oz every feed. Womp womp. I am trying to eat and stay hydrated since both of those are crucial to making enough milk, I just have very little appetite. I have definitely seen a shift in how much I want to eat now that I am no longer pregnant. As for hydration, I wish coffee counted.

Though I wish I was making more milk, I am truly amazed at my body’s ability to bounce back. I am no longer in pain from my c-section. That disappeared pretty much completely after the second week. My incision is just a thin line and my stitches dissolved. I feel fine. Tired, but that is hard to tell if that is from recovery from surgery or twin babies. I am going to go ahead and say it is mostly from twin babies. Between Rob, my parents, and I we are managing to feed the babies and each get about 6 hours of sleep a night. I am more of a 9 hour type of girl, but that is definitely not bad for a new parent.

I am hovering around my pre-pregnancy weight, depending on the day. 30 pounds gone in a month? I’ll take it. I am almost fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but everything has kind of shifted around. I think I still have a little bit to go. I had my check up with my OB and he said everything looks good. I don’t see him again for two months which feels so weird. And sad. I am going to miss him.

The girls are getting more and more alert, I just wish it was more during the day and less at night. They are so damn cute when they just stare at you, but when it is 2 a.m. you are like, can you be cute in the morning?






IMG_3037Rob is struggling. I wake him up for the next feed and he spends five minutes trying to get the baby off his chest. That isn’t actually there.

IMG_3043E & O’s first Halloween!! Note the giant clothes. Side rant. Preemie clothes that aren’t just pajamas are a pain in the ass to find. The girls are getting baptized on Sunday and I needed something just a little bit nicer than the regular preemie stuff. I had to do an emergency Etsy order. Baby clothes makers.. make some proper preemie clothes. Please and thank you.

IMG_3042Halloween is exhausting.

IMG_3047Super cute, but this was taken in the middle of the night.


IMG_0445Peace out, peeps!

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