Evelyn & Olivia, Week 7

I can barely count this as week 7, I am so far behind. Having twin infants (or twinfants for those in the know) is rough. Having twin infants that are preemies is brutal. Having twin infants that are preemies, with unexplained health issues, is a new realm of hell. You don’t know panic until you are sitting on the toilet, holding a screaming baby, while hooked up to a breast pump. Even with four adults against two babies, we have been losing hardcore.

The girls level of fussiness over the past couple of weeks has gone from irritating to Dear God, what is wrong with these babies?! After a trip to urgent care that was utterly useless and another trip to the pediatrician, I think we have some sort of explanation. The girls are having pretty significant digestion issues. We thought it was just run of the mill baby discomfort but after seeing them on Wednesday, the pediatrician said something was definitely amiss. Part of me was concerned, part of me was relieved. So you mean it’s not normal for them to scream for hours on end? You mean maybe it is fixable? Sign me up. 

We are on day three of baby Xantac and it definitely seems to be helping. We are still trying to figure out dosage and if we need to do a formula change on top of the Xantac, but just in the first day their discomfort has gone way down. Way less screaming and hours of calm. HOURS. I don’t think that the Xantac is going to be a magic bullet, but at least we are headed in the right direction.

On top of the girls being barely manageable, I have deadlines starting to pile up for my new job. I went from being concerned to barely holding it together this week as I started to get more and more work emails. And no, I can’t go into what my new job is. Other than it isn’t law. At all. ::CONFETTI:: So Rob and I have gone back and forth about what to do so that I can get some work done. We were going to hire a sitter but none of us can manage both girls on our own. We don’t feel like we can ask that of a sitter. So then we seriously looked into daycare, even though the cost of it would basically dump out our savings.

We decided to sit down and have a family meeting. In a moment of particular brilliance, my mom suggested we hire two sitters. WHAT. It is still cheaper than daycare and then I don’t have all of the concerns that come with daycare. Germs, murderers, etc. Two sitters isn’t going to be cheap, but we will only be doing it about 10 hours a week. Just enough for me to get shit done and brush my teeth. We’ve interviewed a handful of people and I am hoping it works out. Fingers and toes crossed.

IMG_3288Rob and I had a wedding to go to last weekend. First time out! Thank God for spanx and nursing pads.

IMG_3291So, so tired.

IMG_3311Two of my loves. 2:00 a.m.


IMG_3316Reach for the sky, Evie!

IMG_3317This is what we have to do for the girls’ acid reflux. It is like living in a Dr. Seuss book.

IMG_3319I finally got boxes for Evelyn and Olivia’s stuff from the hospital and their first couple weeks. Preemie onesies, ankle bands, they were so tiny.

IMG_3321Liv loves her red dog.

IMG_3326My imaginary brother, home from college. Uncle Jake, finally meeting the girls.

IMG_3332Hi Liv!


IMG_3338Rob insists on feeding with a bib, even if it is an improvised one.


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