Evelyn & Olivia, Two Months

Evie and Liv hit two months on December 4. So this post is only a million years late. Let me tell you, being Type A with twins is rough. I am the type of person who hates when people take hours to text back. Now I am that person. I am the worst.

At about this time two months ago I was at the hospital wondering if I was going to be sent home or if it was time. The past two months have been rough, but I feel like we have finally hit our groove. It isn’t easy, by any means, but I no longer feel like I am going insane.

In two months Evie has gone from 4 lbs to 8 lbs 3 oz. Liv has gone from 4 lbs 14 oz to over 9 lbs. Yay, chunky girls. They finally have thighs instead of creepy leg bones. I still have people ask me if they are “brand new” when we are out. It often comes with this weird sort of judgment. Like, they are so new that I shouldn’t have them at the store. Bitch, please.

The girls have started to go 4 hours in between feedings, praise God. I think what has been the hardest adjustment is constantly being Mom. As an employee or a student there are times when you are not working. Whether it be the weekend or Christmas break, there are times for a breather. Mom is on-call 24/7. And that can be joyful and wonderful but it can also be terrifying. Something is wrong and it is on me to decide what to do, at all times. Sure, I have help and people take care of the girls when I am not around, but when the shit hits the fan, I am in charge. No pressure. There are moments where the weight of this seems enormous. Like when Olivia is losing her mind in a Walmart bathroom and you are both covered in poop and she’s just kicked all the wipes onto the floor.

We are in our second week with sitters and it has made an enormous difference. I am able to enjoy the girls more by having some time away. Sure, I spend that time away getting stuff done but it is still refreshing. Today is one of those days. So far post office, phone calls, studying. I have two more hours until they leave and I feel like I have 100 hours of stuff to do. Christmas time with twinfants is a little crazy. I have no idea who I have bought things for. I just keep getting boxes from Amazon. Did I order this? Or is this a present for me? What? Wait, who ordered this? Crap. I have this persistent feeling that something is wrong with my brain. I think it’s called being a new mom. Did you know that you can heat milk for coffee in a bottle warmer? Just a life hack from me to you.

This will be my last weekly update about E & O. I will still post about them plenty and continue to do monthly growth updates. But now that they are two months, I feel like continuing to do weekly updates on them is a bit much. I am going to also hopefully get back to other posts. Still hoping to post twice a week. Ha.

IMG_3023Okay, we have Olivia on the left and Evelyn on the right. I can currently tell them apart easily. Olivia’s face is more oval whereas Evelyn’s is more round. I think this has a lot to do with Olivia still weighing a bit more, but only time will tell. Also, Olivia continues to be more wide eyed than Evelyn.

IMG_3045Evelyn and her duck.

IMG_3051Olivia and Grandpa. This was the first time all eight of us went out to eat – we started with lunch. It went well, no one freaked out and we all got to eat. Win!

IMG_2988My imaginary brother is infatuated with the girls and has done many 4 a.m. feeds. He doesn’t want anyone to know though, it would ruin his street cred.

IMG_3103Naked time! Plus hats. Both the girls have started smiling slowly. Actual smiles. Not, I just crapped my pants smiles.

IMG_3095A good friend knitted Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats for Evie and Liv. They are so damn cute.

IMG_3096Hi, everyone!

IMG_3115Both girls love bath time. They usually take baths with me, but this was an emergency, Olivia just pooped everywhere, bath. She got all nice and clean and then threw up everywhere.

IMG_3123And then Evie followed by throwing up just after the bath. Luckily she didn’t get herself covered in puke, just me. Luckily.

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