Evelyn & Olivia, Five Months

Five months and they are babies, not newborns. Evie rolls over like a maniac and continues to kick Olivia in the head. Olivia has yet to roll over, content to just stare at her sister in wonderment. They have truly figured out that there are two of them and they grab for each other and stare at each other. It’s adorable and amazing, but I have already had to say don’t hit your sister!! Welcome to my life.

So where are we?? Evie is 14 lbs, 2 oz. She is 24.5 inches long and has a 16 inch head. Livvy is 14 lbs 6 oz. 24 inches long and a 16 inch head. They are both in the low 20s in their percentiles but are climbing at a quick rate and their pediatrician is pleased.

We had them assessed for any developmental delays and I wasn’t surprised with the results. Evie is slightly delayed in her fine motor skills and eye contact. Olivia is right on target. The day they were assessed was the first day of whooping cough (great scheduling, Mama) and Evie was just not going to be assessed no matter what. She was about a week behind Olivia in grasping and eye contact, which she has more than made up for now. I am continually learning, do not compare them. Just don’t. Evie made eye contact after Olivia, but Olivia hasn’t rolled over yet and shows no interest in it. Evelyn also learned how to throw a full body temper tantrum before Olivia. My quiet Evelyn is long gone. We now have to strap her down anywhere before we turn our backs. Milestones are so fun! I have had some wise twin moms remind me, they are sisters, not the same person. This is my mantra when I get worried.

We’ve entered the world of baby food which can be a minefield of opinions. Rice cereal? Oatmeal? Homemade? Organic? Baby Led Weaning? Start at 4 months? 6 months? Excuse me while I bury my head in the sand. Luckily, the mom group I belong to is judgment free and we have moms trying tons of different options. Further, my older sister has paved the way for me. She made all of Ainsley’s baby food and has been a fountain of information. All I have to do is text, sweet potatoes? She’ll text me back directions for cooking, good vegetables and fruit to mix it with, and spices that go well.

In case you were wondering, sweet potatoes, prunes, and bananas are a big hit. Zucchini is not. We are mixing oatmeal in with their purees, which they love. They did not love rice cereal and both looked at me like I had offered them poison. Note taken, girls.

We started them at 4.5 months because, just because. One Saturday I decided to give them sweet potatoes because I know them and it was time. I was very nervous that it would be a battle to have them figure out purees but they ate the whole container. So, I guess I know my children. Yay for parental validation!

Rob’s mom came all the way from England to see the girls last week. It was a lovely visit, but the end was hard for everyone. We took the girls to the zoo and the aquarium and the park and it was beautiful to have Rob home and his mum here. Unfortunately this visit coincided with their 4 month.. WTF?! For those of you not in parenting-land, month four is growth spurt month and sleep regression month. Fun times for all involved. Praise God for grandmas and afternoon naps. And Starbucks. I go too often and will not be judged.

As they get bigger I think they are getting more identical. They are getting closer in weight and their subtle differences are shifting. Evie continues to have a bit of a rounder head and narrower eyes, but these aren’t differences I would expect anyone but family to pick up on.

And without further ado, my little peanuts.

IMG_4405Evie | Liv

IMG_4411Evie | Liv

IMG_4450Evie trying sweet potatoes for the first time.

IMG_4465Liv | Evie

IMG_4665The girls at the zoo with Grandma.

IMG_4670Livvy and Dad at the zoo.

IMG_4693Evie loving her bubblebath.

IMG_4694She kills me.

IMG_4705Livvy is a big fan of sweet potatoes, she just hasn’t gotten the whole spoon thing down yet.

IMG_4755Livvy and Aunt Jilli at the aquarium.


IMG_4815Evie would like Rob’s dinner.

IMG_4823Evie | Liv

IMG_4825Evie | Liv

IMG_4828Evie | Liv



IMG_4857Livvy and Aunt Jilli at the park.



IMG_4898I always feel bad if I don’t post an even amount of pics of the girls, but Evie was dead asleep during this little photoshoot.



note: most of these photos were taken by Jillian, official twin photographer.

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