Evelyn & Olivia, Nine Months

There are teeth! We have teeth! Three teeth total. Evelyn has two and Olivia has one. They both look like little crazy pirates and I love it. I do not love teething. Rob loves it even less. Rob takes Evie overnight and her response to teething is OMG I AM DYYYYIIING. Liv is a little more mellow and she is mine overnight. If this is how Eve responds to a front tooth I am very nervous for molars.

Evie and Liv both have crawling down and are little speed demons. We’ve put in a baby gate, but if we leave it open the cat food is definitely not safe. The best thing ever is waking up to Olivia standing in her crib, staring at me with wonder. What are you doing, mama?? Kid, I am trying to sleep. You should too. Then she realizes I am awake and splits into this little crazy grin. My crazy little pirate.

You know when you have an amazing day, trip, week, whatever? You stop yourself and think, this is amazing. This is my life. I stop myself multiple times a day. This, right now, is it for me. This life with these girls… I can’t even. Right now Evie is learning to bounce up and down and shrieking like a maniac in my mom’s lap. Rob is feeding Liv yogurt. This is my life.

I spent the last month just outside Phoenix, getting my ass kicked. Training with Teach for America to be a teacher is one of the hardest things I have ever done. And I have twins. And went to law school. But I made it. I taught reading to 20 fourth graders and am a better person for it (more on TFA to come..).

Yet, life didn’t stop while I was gone.  Evie and Liv continued to grow in leaps and bounds. Crawling, sitting, growing teeth, learning to pull up on everything. I came home halfway through training to find out they had learned how to raise their arms in the air when they wanted to be picked up. They learned to crawl into laps and give hugs and kisses.

And then I died. 

I know they say it takes a village, but sometimes, with Evie and Liv, it feels like it takes an army. Between my parents, Rob, Aunt Jilli, Uncle Batman, and a kick ass daycare, we made it through the month of June. The girls are happy and thriving and I am so excited to see what is next for them.

What is next for us. 

Favorites - 1 of 22When Evie attacks.

Favorites - 2 of 22Evie | Liv

Favorites - 3 of 22Uncle Batman

Favorites - 4 of 22This is not my child. Celery is the worst thing ever.

Favorites - 5 of 22What? No.

Favorites - 6 of 22Livvy snuggles.

Favorites - 7 of 22This crawling on me, on anyone, is new. I love it.

Favorites - 8 of 22Livvy, 4th of July ready.

Favorites - 9 of 22Evie | Liv

Favorites - 10 of 22Grandpa’s birthday!

Favorites - 11 of 22Liv | Evie

Favorites - 12 of 22Olivia.. all eyes.

Favorites - 13 of 22Babies’ first swimming lessons!

Favorites - 14 of 22Olivia | Evelyn

Favorites - 15 of 22Olivia | Evelyn

Favorites - 16 of 22Olivia | Evelyn

Favorites - 17 of 22Indoor playground! Best thing ever.

Favorites - 18 of 22Evie | Liv

Favorites - 19 of 22Evie

Favorites - 20 of 22Olivia | Evelyn

Favorites - 21 of 22Olivia

Favorites - 22 of 22Olivia | Evelyn

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