a humorless post about minor life changes

If you have read my boring ass about me section, you know that I started introducing myself as Jen, consciously, when I got into high school.  I was 14 and thought it was super important that people spell my name right.  I had a higher chance of getting people to spell Jen right than I did getting people to spell Jenifer right.  So I became Jen.

Fast forward ten plus years and it has become deeply ingrained in me to introduce myself as Jen.  Even though I prefer Jenifer.  A lot.  I think there is a spectrum with nicknames.  For instance, Rob introduces himself as Robert mostly.  Eventually people he is friendly with call him Rob, but his name is still Robert.  I would rather be that kind of Jenifer.  Not like Kate where no one knows if my name is actually Katherine or not.  I have 5 million Jessicas in my life and they all introduce themselves as Jessica and get called Jess.  I like that.

I am also thinking, I like Jenifer better for professional type things.  It is what I put on my resume.  I actually put Jenifer D’Ann.  I sign my name Jenifer D.  Because I like my weird ass middle name.  D’Ann.  Jenifer D’Ann.  My parents hated me.  I have no photo album of me as a baby.  I am a second child.  By the time I was born my parents were like been there, done that.  This one is just for extra parts.  But D’Ann is way better than Leigh (sorry, Jess).

 Jessica Leigh and Jenifer D’Ann

(I really wish my bangs would still do that)

And this is why this is a pointless, humorless post.  I am trying to retrain myself to say, Hi, I’m Jenifer.  Rather then Jen.  Just like I had to learn to say my married name, rather than my maiden name.

Jenifer. Hi, I’m Jenifer.

(Oh, PS – welcome to my new home.  Its still working out the kinks. Hence three pictures of me with very large teeth.)

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