An Ode to my Husband

Rob’s first thanksgiving and sadly, no pictures to be had. I didn’t even think of it. I was too busy cooking and fretting over the amount of mashed potatoes we’d made. I always overestimate the amount people will eat. I assume everyone loves mashed potatoes as much as I do. How could you not?

So, on his first official Thanksgiving, Rob carved the turkey. I know. Whoa. I have never even carved the turkey. What I love about my husband is that he doesn’t half ass anything. When I saw an e-mail he had sent to the manufacturer of our barbeque regarding the appropriate cleaning methods of the grills part of me was amused and part of me was impressed. That’s just the way he rolls. What other man would think to use AutoCAD to perfectly measure and design the arrangement of photos before they were hung?

Set with the task of carving the turkey he was just the same. He took about 45 minutes but there was not one bit of meat left on that turkey, just a pile of slices, nicely arranged between dark and light meat.

Given that Rob doesn’t like cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, green beans, or creamed corn, he managed to have plenty to eat. I think the way he described his first Thanksgiving was “overwhelming” but he did have second helpings of mashed potatoes and turkey, so I guess that means we were made for each other.

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