And he just took a nap in her bed?

We came back from a beautiful wedding this weekend and noticed that only one of our locks on the front door was locked.  The bottom lock, but not the deadbolt. Weird, but maybe we forgot?

We were home about an hour and then we realized our roommate’s door was open.  That was weird.  We always keep it closed.  She is studying abroad this summer and we don’t want Stormy getting ideas.  The entire time she has been gone she has had only two things sitting on her desk – her house keys and her parking pass.  Both were gone. Maybe we borrowed them?  No.  We didn’t.  And weirder still, her bed was unmade.  Her bed had definitely been made when we left.  She’s a very tidy person.

Had someone been in the house while we were gone?  We checked with our neighbors and aside from a drunk girl wandering around the previous night, they hadn’t seen anything amiss.  We checked old roommates that might have keys; we called our landlord.  Nope, only we had keys.  It appeared to be time to call the cops.

And I must say, I was impressed.  He arrived in 20 minutes and took very thorough notes and was exceptionally polite.  And he noticed what we hadn’t.  The screen had been ripped out.  There were footprints on the shed where whoever it was climbed up the side and into the second story window.  There was dust on the desk and smears outside the window.

What has us flummoxed is that nothing of value was taken!  Nothing!  The locksmith came last night and replaced the locks, so the missing keys really are irrelevant.  The parking pass can be replaced with a phone call.

Who climbs in a second story window, takes a nap, steals nearly nothing, and locks the door on the way out???



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