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Lately I have been feeling rather bah towards wedding planning. Well, if you want to get technical, I  have been feeling 50% bah, 25% meh and 25% ick towards it. I think it is because I was at a stalemate. I still have not tackled the whole music for the ceremony issue. It just annoys me. I don’t know why. It just does. Like people who wear nylons that don’t match their skin tone. Who wears nylons anyway?

Further digression, my mom told me about when she got married her sister had to help her put her nylons on because she had fake nails. Have you ever  had someone help you put nylons on? Not fun. They grab for fabric and end up pinching you. I was afraid of tights when I was younger. On that note, I will not be wearing nylons, nor will I have fake nails on my wedding day. I am opposed to nylons (not opposed to brightly coloured tights) and fake nails are a bitch. I will paint my nails some festive color yet to be decided. Maybe white? As in, “It’s a nice day for a white wedding.” Ooh must add that to wedding playlist. Must add more Billy Idol in general. And Queen. I am opposed to nylons because what is wrong with the color of my skin? It may be the same colour as dead fish since I moved to England but it is nice that way, cancer free.

Anyway, stalemate gone. Two new fabulous wedding blogs found, just called the musicians. They should get back to me soon. Also found some new good ideas for other things.

This appeals to my obsessive neat-freak side so much that I am freaking in love:

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Bride

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Bride

I have already sent it to Mom and Rob to see what their thoughts are, but it is love.

Other than that, trying to sort out what to get my maids. Something to wear on the day, I’m sure. I get my wedding jewelry sometime next week and am stoked. Mom showed me on web-cam yesterday, lov-e-ly.

I am on essay #56,304 and am dying. This one is on narratives and agenda setting. F-U-N. There are so many controversal topics out there in the world of politics, why don’t I get to write papers on things like that? I suppose that is what a dissertation is for.

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