And then she became completely unhinged.

I still don’t know how I did on my masters. And I don’t care. Hurrah if I failed it!

But. I have to tell the law schools about it.


Now I care.

The thing is, I feel ill thinking about that experience. I hated my time at King’s. The thought of going back there makes me feel small and incapable. Really, the thought of having to go back to King’s to resit an exam makes me feel like… I would rather take a driver’s test or go to the dentist. (I failed my behind the wheel twice folks, the DMV is not a happy place for me).

And then there is this. I can’t really tell how much a “failed” master’s degree is going to affect my application. If I do well enough on the LSATs it shouldn’t affect it at all. I will need to add an addendum to explain it though. And what do I say? After the first semester of my program I decided, fuck. this. shit. Because perhaps the admissions peeps respect that? Probably not.

So I go back and forth in my mind about being calm about not knowing and being totally freaked can’t think about anything else what the hell am i going to do if i am not accepted to law school because of this fucking masters degree i am going to kill someone.

So that’s where I stand. Right now I am more the latter than the former.

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