And then she melted into a puddle

I am dying. No, seriously. I have the worst cold ever and I have to papers coming up due so I need to be working my ass off. Instead I am focusing on drinking fluids. For breakfast I am having cereal, orange juice, water, and tea, oh, and drugs of course. Lots of drugs. The apartment is a mess because I am slacking on my housewife duties. When I am not taking my cold meds I feel like I could just melt into the floor.

On the brightside, I love when I find an old piece of clothing that fits great. I found a bra I never wear because it is neon pink, but it fits great so I am stoked (please note, I am aware that most of my readers are female. If you are male and reading this forgive me for the TMI).


So I have had the “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” song in my head for two days. Especially the line that says “I’m fucking Matt Damon while you’re drinking Diet Snapple.” And you know what? It makes me want Diet Snapple. They don’t have Diet Snapple in the UK. They don’t even have regular Snapple. I miss weird things about America. Like Diet Snapple and leaves changing colors the way they do up in Spokane.

That is all that is up with me right now. I still haven’t come up with something to be for Halloween – I have to figure it out by Saturday. On Saturday we are going to Church Quiz Night which should be fun.

Anyway, that is life. My ears are also plugged which makes me dizzy. urgh.

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