Being a foreigner can be a real bitch

It is November. A bit too early to be thinking about a job for next summer? Think again. I have to get my first real, legit job at the end of this year. This is going to take a lot of research a lot of applying and probably (read: DEFINITELY) a lot of frustration.

So a lot of organisations in the UK have what they call “graduate schemes,” i.e. jobs set up for graduates. I have been looking into the one I really wanted to do, civil service (basically working for the government). It seems great and I was all ready to apply. Then I saw in the top right corner of the website a link that said “nationality requirements.” I am ineligible because I am not a citizen, a member of the EU, or a citizen of a Commonwealth Nation. I was obviously quite bummed. I mean, I understand, they don’t want spies or anything, but still.

So then I decided, local government. This is probably a better alternative for me anyway as I will be living in Plymouth and not many central government organisations are based there. I looked around and they do have a graduate program for people who want to work for local government! I nearly cried, I was that excited. So I started to fill out the application and I then came to the part where I had to put my immigration status. In big red letters, there it is again, ineligible. Shit.

So basically what this means for me is that I am not eligible for most graduate programmes because they don’t want to invest in people that aren’t going to stick around. Instead I have to apply for jobs individually and compete against people who have been out of school for far longer than I have and probably have much more experience than I have. They don’t have anything like AmeriCorps or Teach for America. Even if they did, I am sure I wouldn’t be allowed to apply.

I am meeting with my advisor tomorrow. I am hoping she will be able to tell me about some opportunities I might have missed, maybe places I haven’t thought to look. She is really nice, but she doesn’t know me. She doesn’t know that it is perfectly normal for me to be freaking out this early on and that I won’t be satisfied until I have some clear cut place to apply that I know I am qualified for.

Being a foreigner can be a real bitch.

On a lighter note:

I am focusing an my oral hygiene because I probably won’t get my teeth cleaned for the next two years.

Rob and I are watching Hocus Pocus tonight.

I have eaten two pieces of fruit today.

We cleaned the entire apartment yesterday.

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