Crash Course

We found out about the twins on a Thursday and I spent that Friday taking a crash course in twins. Here is what I have accumulated, thus far.

  1.  Identical twins are considered higher risk than fraternal twins. We are having identical twins. We knew this from the first ultrasound.
  2. Identical twins are less common than fraternal twins.
  3. There are three kinds of identical twins. Dichorionic, diamniotic (di/di) twins have separate placenta and separate amniotic sacs.  Monochorionic, diamniotic (mono/di) twins share placenta, but two separate sacs. Monochorionic, monoamniotic (mono/mono) twins share the same placenta and same fluid sacs. We are having mono/di twins. They are lower risk than mono/mono twins, but still carry risk of complications.
  4. Identical twins are the same gender, always. So, boys or girls, folks.
  5. Identical twins are not passed down hereditarily. They are a mutation. I am having mutants. Friggin awesome mutants. Rob has twins on his side, but another lesson learned, even if we were having fraternal twins, Rob’s genetics don’t matter at all regarding twinning (it’s all me).
  6. Doctors in this area generally only let a woman pregnant with identical twins go to 36 weeks before doing a C-section.  One of the reasons for this is doctors don’t want women to have to deliver one baby vaginally and one via C-section because of complications.  Sign me up for a C-section, yo.
  7. I need a perinatologist because of the high risk factor.  This is a specialist that deals with high-risk pregnancies.  It took me five hours to find one that accepts my insurance.  Luckily I am Type A and cannot be stopped. My specialist is lovely. I get to see him and my OB, so don’t get scared (I was).
  8. Women pregnant with twins start showing earlier (no one was surprised).  We were going to wait to announce until we knew the genders at 15 weeks, but had to go ahead and announce at 11 because I already am rocking a bump.
  9. I have already gotten questions about IVF. I am of two minds about getting asked about this.  I am an oversharer, so I shouldn’t care, but I also am kind of insulted that people would assume that. I don’t know why.  Maybe it is misplaced offense. Either way, no, no IVF or fertility treatments of any kind. (Also, in case you were wondering, twins from IVF and other fertility treatments tend to be fraternal)

All of this info has been compiled from my doctors and my books on twins (which there are not enough of). Obviously, do your own research.

And, without further ado, here they are, in their fuzzy glory, 12 weeks, 1 day.

photo 2

photo 1

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