Creature Fear

I hesitate to write about the specifics of my job here, or anywhere, because how many cautionary tales are there about people that wrote about their job or their coworkers on the internet and were the fired? Plenty.  However, I need to come out from hiding and just state this:  I hate my job with the fire of a thousand suns.  We are talking that deep seated hatred that makes you feel capable of all sorts of mayhem.

At this point, I am attempting to determine if I actually hate the entire legal profession or just where I work.  Because those are two very different things.   I do know that being near tears every Sunday night is not something I want to do for much longer.  However, I can’t say that the thought of any law job evokes such a response from me.  This isn’t my first legal position, but this is the first job that makes me feel physically unwell on a regular basis.

So, I am inclined to think that it’s just here.

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