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Somewhere in between reading about copyright infringement and negligence, Rob and I bought a new TV. Scratch that. Not a new TV. An actual TV. Before this we had no TV. We had a laptop and every season of West Wing. Rob is going to be ridiculously ready for the citizenship test. I hope they don’t fail him for believing the president is President Bartlet. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where Bartlet is president? I know I would. At least I would know how to cook a turkey. (Rob and Jake are laughing now. Everyone else is thinking why the hell do I listen to Jen about anything?)

So, due to this new TV, our living room needed some rearranging. And such. One trip to Ikea, two trips to Target, and one new drill later I would say we are 3/4 of the way done. The mirrors we have now make our TV look like it is some sort of a pacman alien. But in order to move them we will need to spackle. Have you ever spackled? It is about as awful as it sounds. I mean, who ever came up with the word obviously didn’t like doing it either.

We also obtained some awesome shelves from our church rummage sale. Yes! Storage! We took them home, stared at them for a week, finally hung them and then realized we aren’t actually that short on storage. But several hooks later they do make for a lovely way to display our mugs (thank you Russ).

I know what you are thinking. How?! Why?! Aren’t you supposed to be learning about subject matter jurisdiction? Some people drink to get through law school. Apparently my vice is interior design with a healthy splash of therapy.

I was going to include a picture of the living room. But I have decided against it. For now, you get mugs:

Yes, this was taken with my iPhone. Yes, I do have a real camera, but I would have to go find it. Who do you think I am?

Back to the salt mines.

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