Rob and I were both brought up in public schools.  We also are the first in our families to attend university.  In past several months we have been discussing how we would want to educate our children, once they come along.

High school wasn’t a miserable experience for me, but it wasn’t great either.  My school was extremely overcrowded and due to this had a lot of red tape to get through if you ever wanted to do anything out of the norm.  In my sophomore year I was in an alternative program within the school that definitely wasn’t a fit for me, it went far too slow.  I then wanted to be in AP English my senior year, but wasn’t permitted because I had been in the alternative program my sophomore year.  I had to jump through hoop after hoop to get into that stupid class, but it ended up being worth it.  It was my favorite class in high school.

I hated the bureaucracy of the big school – I wasn’t treated like a student, I was treated like one of many.  Our counselors had too many students to deal with.  If I wasn’t so anxious and motivated about my future I likely would have slipped through the cracks.

Rob had a similar experience, with public schooling not being abysmal, but failing him in many ways.

So, the way I look at it, we have two options: private school or home schooling. I had always been anti homeschooling until I discovered this website. I don’t think homeschooling, if done well, produces socially awkward children.  I just don’t.  There is a difference between isolating your children from the outside world and schooling them at home – they don’t have to be one in the same.  I am more pro homeschooling than Rob is, but I think that is mainly because children still seem like less of a reality to him right now than they do to me.  We both know we want them and we have agreed on a vague timeline, but I am chomping at the bit to be a mother.  Three more years.  So, when the time comes, in a million years, to educate my future children, homeschooling will be at the top of my list.

The second option is private school.  I am completely pro private school, but for me there are two big downsides: cost and religion.  Depending on what Rob and I end up doing for work when we “grow up,” private school may be prohibitively expensive.  It may not be though; a lot depends on the economy.  Secondly, I don’t want my children going to a religious school.  Rob and I attend church and are Christian, so it isn’t anything against Christianity, I just don’t want their education wrapped up in a faith they may or may not accept.  As someone who vehemently opposes abstinence-only education, Christian school is a no go for my kids. I want them being taught by people who actually believe in science.

So, being the planner that I am, these are my thoughts on educating my non-existent children.

Yes, I know I am crazy.  But at least I have a plan.

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