Jessica, Jenifer, Jacob, and Jillian.  Yes, my parents are crazy.  Last week the littlest, Jillian, became the last adult in our family of six.  Eighteen.  Whoa.  We are all adults now.  Yeesh.

When she was little my dad called her chick babe, for some reason, and we all referred to her as the baby until she was eight or nine.  Mom wanted to name her Paige, but knew she just couldn’t have Jessica, Jenifer, Jacob, and Paige.  It definitely would have given her a complex. We shared a room from the time that she was about three or four.  It was irritating and awesome at the same time.  She never really learned to clean up after herself (you should see her room now), but it was nice to always have someone to talk to as I fell asleep.  My insomnia began at a young age so having a little sister to chat with made my life a lot easier.  Not to mention that she is damn funny even when she is trying not to be.  Just ask her to pronounce Bjork.

She turned 18 on Monday and we threw her a surprise party.  I think she was surprised.

She has two months left of school and then is off to do great things – stay tuned for pics.

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