Here we go!

I have been AWOL lately. With good reason. Though I know you all love me, I know you don’t want to read endless blogs about studying for the LSATs and my cat. I have two weeks until the test and I am pleased to report that studying is going well. For now, that is all I am going to say.

My friends from the States came to visit for a week and it was fabulous. What was so nice is how natural it felt. Picking up where we left off almost two years ago. Ashley and David are fabulous and I am pretty convinced if we lived near each other we would hang out far more than is considered healthy.

I leave for LA on Tuesday and will be home for two weeks. Mom is turning 50, we are celebrating Thanksgiving, I am visiting campuses and finally taking this test! I am very excited but slightly overwhelmed, I know it is going to be insanely crazy and I will probably end up studying at 2 a.m. most nights. I haven’t made plans with anyone but my mom, mainly because I don’t know if I will have enough time. I have learned from my days in college that if I show up to visit my family and have prebooked plans with all of my friends my mom gets bummed. And I have discovered I enjoy hanging out with her just as much as I do with my friends, if not more. So we have a lot of shopping and such planned. And we are going to Disneyland just the two of us for her birthday. Yes!

Other things that have happened recently:

  1. My gallbladder surgery is scheduled December 15th, I have had my pre-op appointment.
  2. I got the birth control arm implant.
  3. I find out if I passed my masters sometime after November 25th.
  4. I have officially admitted that it is time to start Christmas shopping.

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