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As an undergrad I was strongly discouraged from going home on the weekends. Just don’t do it. Seriously. Don’t! You won’t make any friends! You won’t set up a community in college! You will never be truly on your own! Don’t do it!!!

My parents’ house was 22 hours away from my college. I obviously heeded that warning or, man, I would have spent A LOT of time driving. Oh wait, I didn’t bring a car to college. Needless cautioning on their part. I wasn’t going anywhere.

A side note on cautioning. I am on  new medication. I picked it up and the pharmacist begins this…

Her: You can’t drink with this medicine.

Me: I know, my doctor told me.

Her: So you really can’t.

Me: Okay.

Her: I know you really want to drink but you can’t.

Me: Alright.

Her: I know you are in college and drinking happens all the time, but you can’t.

Me: Got it.

Her: So, just don’t drink.

Me: Mmmkay. Can I just have my drugs now??


So. Neither did I go home during the weekends in college nor do I drink. Though, I have checked with my doctor and drinking in moderation is fine. Perhaps I shouldn’t have worn my “I LOVE BEER” shirt to the pharmacist? (I really hate beer, actually.)

So, for the first time, I have the option of going home for the weekend. And. I. LOVE. It. My mom has TONS of beer.

No, seriously. Rob doesn’t particularly enjoy watching me going back and forth between studying my ass off and watching Gilmore Girls while eating baked cheetos. And while he is patiently waiting for Black Friday to get a TV and a Playstation, right now all he has is the cat and some string. Not a good combo for someone who is still slightly scared of the cat. So we go to my parents’ for the weekend! Excellent. Rob and my dad get along like a house on fire. Rob and Jake spent all last weekend playing something with cowboys and train tracks and something called a buffalo gun?? All I know is that I got to study all afternoon guilt free! Huzzah!

So, I have failed. I will build NO community in law school because I go home for the weekends.


Bummer. At least I have beer.

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