I think I am shrinking…

So, as my  avid readers will know, I am trying to lose weight. Mainly so I am a more healthy person, but also because I have to wear a white dress sometime in the near future.

So far I have lost in total 18 pounds, not bad, not that exciting, but a good start. I am thrilled by this but also very annoyed. 18 pounds does not equal one size down. It is about a half a size down, maybe a bit more. Meaning all of my pants are too big but I have no other options!

Last week as I was walking to class with my hands full of books and crap, as usual, my pants started to fall down. Not just the annoying my pants are falling down slightly type, but the I am actually worried I am going to lose them if I don’t do something about it type! Eek. Also, because it is so freaking freezing in London right now I have to wear my long, thick coat. This means that if I do need to pause to yank my pants up I have to stop, unbutton my coat, fix the pants, then button back up. Really embarrassing on the tube.

Furthermore, when your pants are constantly sliding down past your hips it means that they start dragging on the floor. This leads to wet, frayed jeans. Urgh.

Yes, I know what you are all thinking, and yes, I do own a belt. It is also too big. I just feel like it is a waste of money to go out and buy things if I am going to continue to get smaller. Then I would have all these clothes in varying sizes.

Tomorrow, at the airport, I am wearing yoga pants because they are the only things I have that will stay on properly. I am also wearing a long sweater so I don’t get stuck wearing a thong on an eleven hour flight (apologies to my male readers). But seriously, an eleven hour flight calls for granny panties (I feel like that should be spelled pannies, but it is not), obvi.

So this is my hope and goal. To lose about 10 more pounds quickly (still healthily) so I can buy one cheap pair of jeans in the next size down and stop looking like an idiot. I have been very good about eating healthy, not so good at exercising. It is hard to be motivated when you have to put on all of your winter clothes to go outside. Maybe I could run around my office. Or start using Wii fit on a more regular basis.

I know, I am losing weight, this is a great thing. I should not be complaining. I wish my pants would just get smaller with me!

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