Just because you have a PhD…

does not mean you should be a professor.

Seriously people. The fact that you can write a thesis does in no way mean that you are capable of standing in front of class for two hours and being an engaging lecturer. It does not mean that you are good at giving advice to students. It doesn’t even mean that you have good people skills.

I have one professor that I love, I wish I could take all of my classes from him. Then I have two that are good. I like them, but sometimes I make my grocery list during their classes. Then there is the last. This professor bores me to tears. I have to bring things to entertain myself. Further to this, any time we are talking about anything kind of related to America she asks my opinion. This is rubbish.

Last semester I was dead asleep and she asked me how the liberalization of the electric companies in California had affected me. For one, just because I am from California this does not mean I know everything about it. For two, who cares? So I made up some crap about something and it made her happy. Whatever.

Being a foreigner is annoying sometimes. But being a foreigner who speaks the language as their first language can come with a whole different set of annoyances. Because I speak English, they assume I always know what the hell is going on. This is not the case. Language is really only one of the barriers you deal with. Culture and societal structures (not to mention the structure of higher education) are completely different. Though I have the ability to go, “wtf?” and be understood, sometimes it takes me just as long to get an idea of the way things work.

The long and short of it: my one prof bores the crap out of me and she is way too nervous in front of a group of people to be a legitimate professor.

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