LSATs, Dissertation and Wedding planning

And surprisingly I am calm. I am surfing for new plates and bedding whilst researching the Adolescent Family Life Act. And these are the reasons. I am no longer spending my time on things I dislike. My dissertation is interesting. It is something I am passionate about. Abstinence should not be taught as the only option in public schools. period. The options should be given. Don’t want to have sex? Feel like you aren’t ready? Fine. Great! Don’t have sex. This is the best way to prevent pregnancies and STIs. But, should you want to have sex, here are your options. Condoms, the pill, the injection, diaphragms, etc. FYI, some of these cover you for both pregnancies and STIs, some of them don’t. Condoms are the easiest generally and work the best. Done. I would expect a teacher to go into much greater detail about the pros and cons of each method, but this is the gist.

This is what I am writing 12,000 words on. I love it. Right now I am starting at the genesis of these programs, Ronald Reagan. This is astronomically better than writing about evidence based policy or health care reform in the UK. I love it.

On top of this, I am studying for the LSATs, which I love as well. I know they are going to be difficult, but the good kind of difficult. The kind where I feel like I have accomplished something at the end of it. I have started the practice tests, they seem hard, but up my alley.

And finally. The wedding planning. We are near the finish line. I made the first trial of my veil yesterday. It looks nice, but I could do better. I need some hair clips. I will be working on it tomorrow after I take my first LSAT prep test. Woohoo. Other than that, still hunting for a croquet set. Still need to decide if I am going to fake tan or real tan. I don’t really want cancer or to be orange. I would much prefer to be one shade of pale but it doesn’t work that way. I have the stupid tank top tan and it needs to be gone. We just finished the guestbook and I do feel like it turned out pretty fab.

So, life is good. Nothing too much to stress about.

It is kind of throwing me off.

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