never a whole chicken

Chicken is a staple in our house. I would say we have it 3 to 4 times a week in various formats. I mix it up. Chicken tacos. Chicken soup. Chicken stir fry. Chicken and rice. Chicken wrapped in bacon. Chicken pasta. The other nights during the week we either have pork or Rob has some form of ground beef (mince for you Brits) and I abstain. I hate ground beef. Luckily, Rob and I both happily eat chicken.

I have never cooked a whole chicken. I have never even cooked any form of chicken other than the breast! The kind that comes nicely frozen and I defrost in the morning and grill, saute, fry, or whatever in the evening. No bones! No blood! No giblets! This is the way my mom did it. I don’t remember ever having anything other than chicken breasts in the house. It never occurred to me that people actually still buy whole chickens. It seemed so… old fashioned?

Yet, I have had numerous friends tell me how tasty, economical and fun it is to cook a whole chicken. So, never one to give up a fun cheap adventure I decided to go for it.

The roast chicken fail of 2010.

I bought a pre-seasoned one because, hey, baby steps! I can’t learn to season a whole chicken on the same day that I learn to cook a whole chicken. puhlease. I followed the directions. I put it in a roasting pan. I surrounded it with tasty vegetables.

An hour later it was still raw. And the vegetables looked questionable. Reallyquestionable.

45 minutes later it is nearly cooked and the vegetables are little burnt rocks.

20 minutes later we have a mostly edible chicken, pizza on the way and rock vegetables. We have cut up the chicken to use the meat in oh, I dunno, tacos? stirfry? soup?

What is the point?!

I am going back to my trusty frozen chicken breasts. thankyouverymuch.

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