Oh.. hey there..

And then there was that time I didn’t post for.. more than a month?

So, what happened? Bar done, as you know.  And I wait. And wait.

At the beginning of the summer Rob lost his job.  I refrained from writing about it because it was messy and painful.  He was heart broken by the situation and it was a crushing blow to our financial security.  This all happened while I was studying and though it was definitely harder for Rob, it was hard on me as well.  I hated that I couldn’t be there from him emotionally because I had to focus.  We both knew that it had to be done, but it so reminded me of when we lived apart.

The good news is, as of Wednesday, Rob has a new job! A really cool one at that.  Closer to where we live, more interesting projects, pay raise, benefits, etc. Yahoo!! The even better news is that this means Rob and I are both employed.  This is the first time in our entire seven year relationship we both have an income, instead of at least one of us (if not both) being a full time student.  This means we can save money, get life insurance plans, plan for retirement, and worry about the amount of fiber we are getting in our diets. Being an adult rules!!

Right now, Rob and I are still happily living with my family and far too many cats.  But it is working for us.  We are going to stay at least until I get my Bar results, then decide from there.  If all goes smoothly, I am hoping that we can start looking for a new place to live in the early spring.

So, in short, my new to do list:

  1. Budget for savings (what the what??)
  2. Budget for aggressively paying off student loans
  3. Get life insurance for both of us
  4. Retirement funds (you mean a 401K isn’t actually a robot?)
  5. Buy bran flakes


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