out of london


So, Rob and I were discussing finances and our moving plans and we realized that we would be paying for rent for the entire month of August, though we would only be in the flat for one week. And we hate this flat. And really who wants to try and move house right in the middle of a wedding and a honeymoon? Really quick decision made, we are moving out the 20th of July. We are heading down to Plymouth this weekend to view flats and pick one. We basically have to pick one this weekend, so everyone cross your fingers. We are seeing 9.

We are so excited for so many reasons:

  1. Flats in Plymouth are ridiculously cheap. This means we will be getting a one bedroom. A flat with more than one room. I may die.
  2. A handful of our closest friends live in Plymouth.
  3. Plymouth University has a fab library where I can study and do dissertation stuff.
  4. I can start looking for work seriously.



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