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This guy has to get groomed for the first time in his life – next week. I hope the groomers wear protection.  I am thinking a traditional suit of armor might do the trick. We are moving. P.S. – Finals are over tomorrow so we will be back to our regularly scheduled insanity soon.

a lesson in pride

I am embarrassed very easily.  And it sticks with me.  Forever.  I can still tell you things that I was embarrassed by that happened when I was in fifth grade.  And I still flush thinking about them.  I don’t like people thinking I am an idiot, I don’t like stumbling in front of others.  Call it pride, call it whatever you want, but it upsets me. Well, this week I had a lesson in pride and embarrassment.  I started my …

Wordless Wednesday

Taking it Seriously

Rob and I are maybe, possibly, probably moving (official announcement when the lease is signed).  We are going from a sleepy little town with almost nothing in it (we only have three Starbucks.  I mean, come on) to an over-the-top bustling city.  We haven’t lived in a big city since we lived in London.  And yes, I know most of you are like, don’t you live in LA?  We live in LA County.  It’s a big place.  I am not …

For Ashley

As requested, this is me in my formal dress from last year.  It has now been given away and has a happy home where it can be worn!

Fist pumps all around.

Around Christmas time, I thought I was done.  I had lost about 75 pounds and was feeling comfortable.  Small.  Collarbones and all.  But then it just kept coming off.  I was annoyed.  I had bought new clothes.  I was enjoying fitting into clothes.  And then, all of a sudden, two weeks ago, my size 10s didn’t fit anymore.  They were sliding off.  My butt was looking… baggy.  I had to admit it; I had lost another 10 pounds. And part …

A Practical Wedding

One of my favorite websites is featuring our wedding today. Whoa Nelly.


With summer quickly approaching in southern California I am fighting the urge to run.  I am sitting in a windowless room, studying.  And I don’t mean run away from this life I created forever, just for a little bit.  Just to sit quietly, in the sun. As I inch closer and closer towards this goal of mine, it becomes increasingly apparent that I am fit for my chosen career path in a myriad of ways.  I am comfortable enough to …


In the morning, just after my alarm goes off, while I am laying in the silence, I hear the patter of paws.  He knows.  He sits on the floor waiting, he won’t jump up until he knows for sure I am awake.  He just watches.  I give him some encouragement – it’s okay, I’m up!  He considers it.  I pat the bed, he is convinced and hops up.  He begins kneading my bladder, purring contentedly.  This is our morning routine. …


Jessica, Jenifer, Jacob, and Jillian.  Yes, my parents are crazy.  Last week the littlest, Jillian, became the last adult in our family of six.  Eighteen.  Whoa.  We are all adults now.  Yeesh. When she was little my dad called her chick babe, for some reason, and we all referred to her as the baby until she was eight or nine.  Mom wanted to name her Paige, but knew she just couldn’t have Jessica, Jenifer, Jacob, and Paige.  It definitely would …

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