Please Eat Something

As I have mentioned before, I like feeding people.  A lot.  It is the way I show love.  When I see homeless people I want to feed them (for good reason) and then I also want to call Rob and make sure he has had enough food that day.  The thought of someone going hungry kills me.   My new roommates are either going to come up with iron wills or get used to me making them dinner.

So, today, I encountered a problem.  My boss told me that during really stressful times at work (like now) sometimes he doesn’t eat until the end of the day.   All he has for lunch is a cup of coffee.  Warning bells go off in my head.  SOMEONE IS HUNGRY.  HE NEEDS FOOD (and so does Rob). SOMEONE FEED THIS MAN!!!!  

And here is the problem.  I work in a very conservative, formal office.  It would be totally, completely inappropriate for me to make my boss a sandwich and bring it to him for lunch.


But I really, really want to.

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