I don’t generally do resolutions.  Ever.  I think this comic sums it up best.


But, in the fall I joined Go Mighty!  And have slowly been moving my life list over there and adding to it.  So, what I have been trying to legitimately tackle are cooking related goals.  I am open to more goals, but the New Year seems like a good time to find my way back to more fruits and vegetables.  More whole foods.

I have not told Rob about these goals.  He tends to dig his heels in whenever I suggest eating food that isn’t meat or some sort of fried potato dish.  He also isn’t a fan of trying new things.  We have an ongoing battle regarding the fact that I would like to learn how to make a frittata but he is opposed to it.  And I am not about to eat an entire frittata on my own.  That just seems silly.  And, I will readily admit that though Rob is finicky, I am as well.  My list of foods that I will not eat includes celery, seafood, white chocolate (or as I call it… chocolate made of pure evil), and bell peppers.  So really, we both need to try new things.

So I am just trying new recipes without being overt about it.  We shall see how long that works.  Last week we tried a new stir-fry from scratch recipe.  I like stir-fry, but I hate those heavy, sticky, premade sauces that you buy on the “Asian food” aisle.  It makes me think, I am pretty sure this is not what actual Asians make at home.  Also, I loathe sweet and sour sauce so I am always afraid that one of those store bought sauces will taste like that. So, if you want a good stir-fry recipe that is relatively simple, there you go.  It was a hit with Rob.

So… one down, 5 million to go.

This week I am trying French Onion Chicken (can you tell I spend a lot time here?).  I am excited about it because I love cheese and onions.  I am also excited about it because there is nothing in it that Rob will pick out as too healthy.

dinner-recipe-french-onion-chicken-with-broiled-gruyre-144744Don’t even get me started on lettuce.


photo 1, photo 2

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