Scenic Photo Opportunity

All over the highways in England there is this sign:

speed camera

And, being a girl who grew up in LA I thought for over a year that this sign meant that there was a scenic photo opportunity ahead. It made sense, there are signs like that in historic/beautiful places in LA and they are all over Disneyland. What I didn’t understand is why the signs always seemed to be on the side of a highway. Who would stop to take a photo there? It didn’t look scenic and it didn’t even look safe most of the time.

Finally, one day I asked Rob what those signs were for, assuming it was the scenic photo thing, but no. They are warning you of an upcoming speed camera. Aha! What???? We don’t have speed cameras in LA, we have cops with radar guns. I don’t actually even understand how a speed camera is effective. Isn’t the person just going to speed up once they pass it? It doesn’t seem like good public policy if you ask me.

At least I know now that there aren’t crazy Brits trying to take scenic photos on the side of a highway.


But, I think I need to take a picture with one of these signs before I leave. To document just one small facet of the differences.

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