Sometimes you are down in the dumps and feeling sorry for yourself.  Sometimes you are overcome by January blues and just want to sleep all day.  Sometimes you are so overwhelmed by what is to come that you forget that the day to day is actually going pretty well.

And sometimes, wham, something great comes along and smacks you in the face.  And you are so blindsided by it that you don’t even know what to do.  Laugh or cry or go on pretending like it never happened?

Well, today I chose the latter.  I can’t really grasp it still.  I want to hold on loosely; for fear that it might slip away.  But I also want to tell people.  So I am in this weird conundrum where I tell people, but make it really awkward so no one knows how to respond.  Way to go, Jen.

And here I sit.  Wanting to say it, but not.  Just in case.  Eeeep.

I officially have a job after I take the bar.

So.  There’s that.

image by Stefan Sagmeister via Trust Us Online, via This isn’t Happiness 

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