Surprisingly enough, I’m not an idiot

After my last post what I really needed was some uplifting. I got my first two grad school papers back and all I have to say is, Heck Yes! Apparently I am not as unprepared for grad school as I thought I was. I am feeling quite a bit better about my life chances now. My advisor was even nice enough to put my one paper in an American grade for me so I actually knew what it meant (B+).

Aside from that, I am feeling better about my job opportunities. I talked to my advisor and she assured me that I am definitely qualified for the sorts of jobs I am applying for. Furthermore, how many London educated students are going to want to move to Plymouth (i.e. the back country)? Not many. So the competition will not be as fierce as it is in London.

This weekend we are going to dinner with Rob’s sis and her bf. It is a fish restaraunt so it makes me nervous but last time I went I liked it. Also, Rob’s sis works for the place so we don’t have to pay!

On Saturday we are hopefully going on a walk through Hampstead Heath. Sunday – studying my ass off. I have to write a paper solving a policy problem. I am sort of stuck because I can’t think of a policy problem I’d like to solve. Global warming? Also, I have to solve it in 1,500 words. I am currently taking suggestions.

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