TGIF? No difference, really…

It is Friday afternoon and I am starving. I am here for another 45 minutes and I cannot wait to leave. We are going out for what I hope is real Mexican food tonight and I am stoked.
At the same time, this weekend is going to suck – a lot. I have two papers due in the next two weeks and I haven’t started them. On top of that they scheduled my hours all weird for next week so I am not going to have as much time to write as I had previously assumed. Damn. This means that after church on Sunday I am sending Rob home and hunkering down in the library. Yuck.

On Saturday we are going into central London with Rob’s mum. I believe we are going to the British Museum and then lunch. Then come home and study my ass off. I didn’t do all my reading for this past week, I ran out of time.

My ethical dilemma, which I have already run past some of you, is this. I do not have enough hours in the week to do all my reading, work on my papers, go to work and class, be a wife, cook, clean, and breathe. So these are my thoughts. I don’t get graded on anything except my papers – nada. So it makes sense for me to skim the reading that is not related to my paper topics and then really do the reading that will help me with my papers. I have two problems with this 1) It makes me feel like I am being a bad student. 2) I am paying for this learning that I am not doing. At the same time, if I was REALLY interested in an article/book I would read it whether or not it related to any of my papers. So, that is the gist, I don’t know how I feel about it.

Rob and I have been saving money and earning a bit more than we expected. We are going to Dublin (cheaply) for two nights in November and I am very excited. We are going to the Guinness factory (which should be cool even though I am not into Guinness). We are also going to the castle and the prison and hopefully the university. We might even see some Irish dancing!

Now I only have 30 minutes until I get to leave! That’s all for now. I promise to post something more exciting when I have had more caffeine.

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