The Beginning of the End

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last semester of law school.  Big conversations about where we will be living and what life will look like once it is over have been happening.  Rob and I will be moving in with my parents the week I graduate.  I anticipate spending a good two to three months studying for the Bar and I think my parents’ house is the best place to do that.  Furthermore, once I take the Bar, Rob and I will be looking to relocate to someplace closer to my job.

I was talking to someone about studying for the Bar the other day and it turned into talking about studying for the LSAT.  I blew my mind to think that I started studying for the LSAT in June of 2009.  This has been quite a commitment for me.

Summer of 2009, LSAT season

A rare outing. I can tell because I’m not wearing any makeup and my bangs are recently cut.
I used to cut my own bangs.. a lot…

This also marks the end of my time as a student, at least in the traditional sense.  I have no desire to go on to get a PhD, at this point.  I guess you never really know what the future holds.  But, I feel pretty secure in saying that I am done with school.  It is sad, because as much as law school has been one of the hardest things I have ever done, it still comes with the perks of being a student.  Summers off, weekends off.  On top of that, you say you are a law student and all of a sudden people expect less commitment from you.  They know that you don’t have much time to offer.

I could sit here and wax nostalgic about my time in law school, but I am so done.  Most of law school has been a kick in the teeth for me.  A lesson in humility.  I know everyone needs those lessons, but they aren’t generally enjoyable experiences. If anything, the only reason I am hanging onto these last few months is because I know what comes at the end.  But, most of me is excited to move on, to new and different things.  Hopefully to a life that includes two incomes.  So much of me want to looks toward what happens after, but it is still pretty murky.  I must continue to limit my talk of my job/career/what have you, but I think I am going to be okay when I come out on the other side of this test.  I have a job that I truly enjoy, and I think I will be staying, if everything aligns.

And, truly in full circle, Rob and I got Pepper when I started studying for the LSAT.  I needed someone to keep my company.  This time around I will have Stormy, Pepper, Sunny, and Shadow.  What can I say?  We are a cat family.  I am hoping at least one of them will sit with me while I am at my desk, day after day, this summer.

Pepper, studying for the LSAT

Stormy, just after finals last year

Sorry for the silence over finals and the holidays.  There will be more posts to come; my semester is going to be lovely and light.  Stay tuned.

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