the list

As I am currently having a brief break from paper writing wedding planning is back in full swing! The past two days:

Crinoline – check!

Favors – check!

tea for the girlies – check!

car for fam – check!

I am on a roll! Bring it on. Tomorrow I plan to conquer our inability to find shepherds hooks anywhere in London. Someone has to sell them, I just know they are out there. Thursday I am going shopping for beachy clothes for Jamaica. I am not going to go into the details of my to do list here because it is currently over a page long. But if anyone knows anywhere to buy shepherds hooks or garden crooks in England, let me know!!

Anyway. Wedding planning is going along well. I have my list and I am checking it off.

My LSAT test prep book came in the mail today. oh yes.

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