The Power of Cats


With my grandpa passing away this spring, it left my nana in a giant house with two aging poodles (read: should have gone to doggie heaven quite awhile ago).  Both the poodles got to the point where it was no longer humane to keep them with her.  Thus Nana now was really all alone in a big house.

Except, this summer, a cat moved in under Nana’s shed.  She proceeded to have five kittens.  Nana fed the mama and kittens from afar, all of them being too timid to approach.  The kittens were completely feral, not a fan of humans at all.  Believe me, I tried.  Ouch.

But mama, now named Calico, was a different story.  She got braver and braver until she would purr and purr around your legs, tripping you as you tried to feed the kittens.  Eventually, she got bold enough to use the poodles’ old dog door.  She wasn’t much more than a kitten herself at the time, scrawny and thin.  Nana and her caregivers fed her as often as they could, but she was still nursing the kittens that were rapidly becoming just as large as she was.

She moved into the house while her kittens moved on, still uninterested in people, impossible to catch, though not for a lack of trying.  They still hang around for food, which Nana gladly gives them, but they aren’t interested in making her backyard their home.

Calico, on the other hand, has taken to sleeping on Grandpa’s side of the bed, or curled up on the couch.  She has endless food and toys and love.  She’s still on the thin side, but definitely a healthy little cat.  When visiting this weekend I said, Nana, you saved her! Nana said, No, she saved me.

I am not sure I believe in Grandpa being able to send Nana gifts from the beyond, but if he could send her anything, it definitely would have been a little cat that needed a home, just as much as Nana needed a cat in her empty house.


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