The veil

I always knew I wanted a little netted veil. This stemmed from the fact that I really only wear my hair up when I need it out of my face. If I want my hair to look ‘nice’ I wear it down. I have nice hair. As long as I don’t try and force it to be curly it pretty much behaves. So, on the wedding day, I just want normal down hair. A long veil didn’t seem to fit with this simple hair I wanted. So, short netted veil seemed to fit the bill.

But now I am working on making my veil and this is my difficulty. I have made three different types and don’t like any of them. One on a headband, one on two clips bandeau style and one on one clip. I am not pleased with any of them. To me they all feel a bit silly. I feel like they are either too poufy or too flat or like they are just sitting on the side of my head awkwardly. So then I start to think, why the hell did I want to wear a veil???

Then I see all these lovely brides on wedding blogs wearing cute little netted veils. I am starting to think perhaps a like veils on everyone else, just not me? Because I find the idea of just wearing the pretty floaty flower that I bought and nothing else a lot. There is just this part of me that thinks, you have to wear a veil, you are the bride! And that I will somehow regret not wearing a veil.

So. Here I sit. Trying to decide if I want to just scrap the veil and wear the flower. Or if I am giving up too soon and the perfect veil creation is just around the corner. And that is the difficulty. I don’t know if I don’t like me in veils or if I just haven’t come up with the right sort of veil.

And yes, I find it surprising that I have room in my head to stress about this whilst doing LSAT prep and writing a dissertation.

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