This Post Has No Purpose

It has been awhile since I have written anything here and it hasn’t been for lack of things to say.  So hear you go, Jenifer, in your face.

I still must be painfully vague about my summer internship.  But my new one starts in three weeks.  And I have been counting down to that for at least a month already.  So, there’s that.  The amount of times I have had my ass handed to me skyrocketed in the past two months.

Living with roommates, the first two months, had been ridiculously easy given that the roommates up and left town.  Perhaps they heard about my and Rob’s spontaneous, naked dance-offs  (Okay, they aren’t naked).   I love the roommates to bits, but will be checking with them before you get to see their lovely faces up here.  You never know, they could be shy (no, they aren’t).  Once they are back in this neck of the woods I will properly introduce them.  But, adjusting to living in a new flat while roommates are on vacation has been good and bad.  Good in that we moved in without bothering anyone.  Bad, in that, once they come home our habit of walking from the bedroom to the bathroom naked will have to come to an end.  Other than that, Rob and I have to work on communicating in a way that works for us and does not terrify other people (or embarrass me)… That is going to take some effort.

Moving with Stormy brought an interesting challenge.  The cat has never seen stairs.  Poor thing didn’t know what to do with them for the first two weeks.  Then he started this I will go down one, then maybe another, then WHAT?!?! I heard A NOISE! RUUUUN!!!!  Two months in and he comes down the stairs once a day.  I also want to shave Stormy.  He is hot and shedding like a lunatic.  Rob has put a kibosh on this.  I secretly know he is right, but am choosing not to care right now.

I like that if I make dinner the roommates will wash dishes.  I like cooking.  I do not like that being down 90 lbs means I needed new bras again.  I am the incredible shrinking woman.  It finally happened; someone told me I look unhealthily thin.  I am 155.  They can suck it.


Ra!  Ra!  Ra!

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