thoughts on jamaica

We will be paying off our honeymoon today. After a very long process we decided to head to Jamaica, all inclusive. Rob and I have been on holidays together, but it has always been on a shoestring budget and for only two or three days. And more often than not, I have gotten sick. great. We have never been anywhere tropical, unless California counts…

So the thought of spending a week in tropical sunny Jamaica with everything already paid for makes me so happy I just may die. I have started gathering Jamaica things. Floppy hat, bathingsuit, sandals, coverup, flowey dresses… mmm. I still need to find Rob a bathingsuit and some flip flops. We already bought him some awesome hats to make sure he doesn’t turn into a lobster.

Anyway. As I am sitting here typing covering letters and studying for exams the thought that in less than three months I will be in Jamaica snorkeling makes me very pleased.

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