Too Much Liquor at the Speak Easy

I am procrastinating majorly. I have a paper due at 5 p.m. tomorrow. It is meant to be 2,000 words and I have 835 written. I just feel like it is a rubbish essay. It is on models that are used to explain the process of creating policy-decisions. Sounds fascinating, right? ugh. Right now I am trying to find a good introduction. I have the meat of the essay outlined but the introduction is giving me grief. I was going to use an example in my intro but it turned out to be too good of an example so I needed to use it in the body of the paper. I am using the Patriot Act as an example of policy gone wrong.

Furthermore, I have recently become addicted, seriously ADDICTED to a new song. I have no idea what it is about, it is most likely very dirty, but I love it. It is called Sex on Fire and is by Kings of Leon. I listen to it several times a day and yes, it does get in the way of my studies.This is what happens to me when I get new music: I listen to it so much that everyone else around me is sick of it and then I don’t listen to it for months until it feels new again. I have been trying to listen to this song secretly so Rob doesn’t notice. I am not sure if it is working. I think I will listen to it again right now (4th time today). It reminds me of the 70s for some reason. At least I don’t have the Fucking Matt Damon song stuck in my head anymore, though on the downside walking around singing Sex on Fire to yourself could get you strange looks…whatev.

Rob and I finally came up with Halloween costumes. I am going as a 1920s flapper and he is going as Robin Hood. Neither really fit the scariness that is required by English Halloween standards but I couldn’t care less at this point. I mean, I guess it would be scary if a flapper tried to strangle you with her pearls. There you go, I am a flapper gone wrong. Too much liquor from the Speak Easy. Either way, I figured a flapper would go well with my new haircut and our idea of Peter Pan and Tiger Lily fell through. I promise I will post photos on facebook.

Next week is ‘reading week’ which I find absurd. I think it should be called ‘we are giving you a break in the middle of the semester for no apparent reason but also scheduling a paper due on Tuesday of that week.’ Rubbish.

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